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Narratin - Quelques clients

The pandemic period has forced many companies to innovate in training methods. This was the case for Environnement GI, an environmental consultant, who reach out to me to produce, from content in PowerPoint format, a video with voice and animation to facilitate the learning process for their customers.

Environment GI company website

Portable Intelligence develops solutions for inventory and warehouse management for manufacturer. They have made available over the web the "PI University" for their customers to enable them to train their staff more easily. I made one of the training videos, in French and English.

Portable Intelligence Online University

Promotel - Voicemail

Promotel, a company specializing in sound marketing, provides its customers with several types of services: voice messaging, on-hold messages, voice for e-Learning among others.  To properly meet each client specific needs, the company has a wide range of voices. This is how I was able to participate in a few projects as a narrator.


ICI techno has developed a language with simulator that allows program development for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) electronic boards. The mandate was to produce two videos: one to introduce the product and a tutorial, both available on the company's YouTube channel.

Chaine YouTube de ICI Techno

Arima Conseils - Training videos

Always concerned with advising and helping its clients, Arima Conseils, a specialist in organizational development, has also innovated during the pandemic. They have created training capsules on civility in the workplace which are now available online for their clients. They chose my voice to integrate into the capsules.

eLearning Arima Conseils.jpg

Edu-Performance is a company specializing in professional e-Learning solutions. Present in this field for a very long time, its expertise is all the more important since this learning method is now ubiquitous. I had the chance to lend my voice for a series of specialized training modules.

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